From suspects to orders

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Everything is ready when you create an account!

The various parts are already linked together. Just start with step 2, importing.

Check the form (call script) and add fields, text and disposition codes. Add your company credentials to the information, appointment and notification emails.

Product step number 2 in CallMonkey

Import addresses

Two step import wizard

Select a campaign and upload the file. Match the corresponding fields in step two and the addresses are added.

Create missing fields and adjust the field settings. Add the fields to the form (call script).

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Qualify addresses

The right address on the right moment 

The addresses on the startpage are sorted automatically on address score. No endless searching anymore. Addresses that need to be called back will appear at the right moment with the right user in the future.

No time or capacity? Link you account with an external call center or telemarketer

Product step number 4 in CallMonkey

Appointment setting

Schedule appointments for Sales

Account Managers can easily synchronize there calendar (Google Calendar, ICloud Calendar, Office365, Exchange,  kunnen de telemarketeers de afspraken direct in de juiste agenda inplannen.

De contactpersoon ontvangt een afspraakbevestiging e-mail en de Account Managers een notificatie e-mail met daarin het uitgebreide gespreksverslag.

Product step number 5 in CallMonkey

Follow up on appointments

Was het een goede afspraak of niet?

Voldeed de gemaakte afspraak aan de gestelde eisen? De account manager bepaalt of hij het adres terug geeft of dat het adres verder wordt opgevolgd.

Product step number 6 in CallMonkey

Score orders

How much revenue has been generated?

The goal of telemarketing is not to make appointments. The end goal is to score orders and the related revenue that comes with it.

Product step number 7 in CallMonkey


What goes well and what needs to be adjusted?

Receive weekly reports. What has been done and what should have been done. Are the goals being met and what has to be done to achieve the goals.

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