The startpage is the most important and advanced page within the application.

It is all about giving the right address to the right user on the right time without having to search.

The page gives you full controle over the order of addresses.

Startpage in CallMonkey

What you should know

  • You only have accesses to addresses from campaigns where you are attached to.
  • The contactlist is the list of addresses that appears on the startpage.
  • The addresses are automatically sorted on address score. The address with the highest address score appears first on the contactlist.
  • Addresses with a follow-up date in the future are not appearing in the contactlist. You can search for them by using the search bar on top of the page.
  • You can pick an address from the contactlist or use the button ‘Next address’. You will go from one address to the next when you use ‘Next address.
  • Access to addresses is based on Sales Funnel stage and user type.

Sales Funnel stageUser type
1SuspectsTelemarketeer/Inside Sales
2ProspectsTelemarketeer/Inside Sales
3Qualified prospectsTelemarketeer/Inside Sales
4LeadsTelemarketeer/Sales/Inside Sales
5Qualified leadsSales/Inside Sales
6ProposalsSales/Inside Sales
7OrdersSales/Inside Sales

  • Suspects (no contact attempt) and prospects (at least one call attempt and contact person not reached) are not attached to any user. A qualified prospects is an addresses when the contact person is reached, it stays attached to the user who first established contact.
  • Leads (appointments) are not appearing in the contactlist for a Telemarketer. Telemarketers can use search when the appointment is cancelled or has to be rescheduled.


Use search in order to find a specific address.

Search in CallMonkey

The results will be displayed on the search result page. The results on this page will not only contain addresses from the contactlist but also leads and addresses with a follow-up date in the future.

Search result page in CallMonkey

Suspects (addresses with no contact attempt) are not appearing because they have never been contacted.

The search engine searches in:

  • Organisation (OR) fields
  • Contact person (CP) fields
  • Custom fields

It searches for the exact contents in a specifiek field. The organisation Blue Line will appear when you search for Blue or Line. The organisation will not appear when you search for Blu.

The more search terms you use, the smaller the number of addresses.

Today’s activity

The pulldown ‘Today’s activity’ shows what has been done today. The number of (unique) addresses handled, call attempts, leads and address time in minutes.

Today's activity pulldown startpage in CallMonkey

Campaign information

Specific information about the campaign appears when a campaign is selected. It will not show if the campaign information field is not filled within campaigns.

Campaign information on startpage in CallMonkey

Filter by campaign

The contactlist will be filtered when a campaign is selected in the pulldown ‘Filter by campaign. Only addresses from the selected campaign will appear in the contactlist.

Filter by campaign startpage in CallMonkey

Filter by fields

The contactlist can be further reduced by filtering by one or more specific fields.

1. Select a field from the pulldown.

Filter by field(s) startpage in CallMonkey

2 Fill in the contents you want to filter by.

Filter by a specific field startpage in CallMonkey

3. Hit enter on you keyboard.

Filter by a specific field city London startpage in CallMonkey

The field and contents you filtered by appears on the page. Click on the Icoontje x verwijderen CallMonkey  to remove the filter.

4. Repeat the steps above to add multiple filters.

Filter by multiple fields startpage in CallMonkey

Addresses with contact priority ‘Very high (6 appointment with contact person)’ within the selected campaign will always appear in the contactlist. Regardless the filtering by fields.

High prio addresses

When a specific campaign is selected it is possible to automatically add addresses with high priority from other campaigns to the contactlist.

Check the setting ‘Also offer addresses with high priority from other campaigns’

Addresses with high priority from other campaign in CallMonkey

Addresses from other campaigns appear in the contactlist when the setting is checked.

Pause and Next address

Buttons pause and next address in CallMonkey

The text in the button ‘Pause’ changes to ‘End pause’ when you click on it. The button ‘Next address’ becomes light blue and not clickable.

Button pause changed to end pause in CallMonkey

Click on ‘End pause’ to make the button ‘Next address’ clickable again.

You will be redirected to the contactpage when you click ‘Next address’


Contactlist on startpage in CallMonkey

The contactlist shows the addresses sorted on highest address score. The list can be filtered by campaign and/or filtered by fields.

Addresses with a follow-up date in the future don’t appear in the contactlist.

No disposition code

There are a number of reasons why you are redirected to this page

  • The internet connection got lost
  • You (accidentally) closed the browser or the tab in the browser
  • You clicked on the back button of the browser
  • 30 minutes of inactivity on the contactpage.
No disposition code page in CallMonkey

The inactivity timer is set to 30 minutes to prevent unrealistic times measurements in reports.

No campaigns assigned

The message ‘You don’t have any campaigns assigned to you. Please contact to your administrator’ appears when no campaigns are assigned to you.

No campaigns assigned startpage in CallMonkey

Contact your administrator.

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