A form (call script) is the part on the contact page that can be customized.

Disposition codes and fields can be grouped into blocks an accompanied with summary or guidance text blocks.  A form can have;

Form part on contactpage in CallMonkey

What you should know

  • Add text blocks with merged fields and provide user information and guidance.
  • Disposition code blocks for Telemarketers only appear for Telemarketers and Inside Sales users. The disposition code blocks for Sales only appear for Sales and Inside Sales users.

Create a form

Click on the copy icon  Een item kopiëren in callmonkey to copy an existing form or click the green plus icon  Icoon toevoegen in CallMonkey to create a new form.

Create a new form in CallMonkey

When a new form is created it is already has:

Default form form in CallMonkey


Click on the edit icon Bewerken icon CallMonkey to change the name of the block. Click on the collapse icon  Icoon toon meer CallMonkey to see the contents of the block.

Use the drag and drop icon Hamburger menu drag and drop in CallMonkey to rearrange the position of blocks.

dragging and dropping a block on a form in CallMonkey

Click on Add new block on a form in CallMonkey at the bottom of the page to add a new block. Select the block from the pull down and click Add.

Text block

Text blocks can be used to give users information or guidance during the contact attempt.

Text block in CallMonkey

Fields which are used on the form can be added to a text block. The field id’s will be merged into the field contents on the contact page.

select a field text block in CallMonkey
  1. Position the cursor in the text field where you want to add the field
  2. Select the field from the pulldown

Add a field to a Field block when the field doesn’t appear in the pull down.

Disposition code block

There are two different types of disposition code blocks.

  • Block for Telemarketers
  • Block for Sales

Telemarketers will only see the disposition code blocks ‘Block for Telemarketers’ on the contact page and Sales will only see disposition code blocks ‘Block for Sales’.

An Inside Sales users will see both type of blocks on the contact page.

Select ‘Block for Telemarketers’ or ‘Block for Sales’ when you want to add a disposition code block.

Pop-up add disposition code block for sales or telemarkers in CallMonkey

Click on the collapse icon  Icoon toon meer CallMonkey  on a disposition code block and select a disposition code from the pulldown to add a disposition code to the block.

Select a Disposition code and add it to the block in CallMonkey

A disposition code can only be used once within a section

Create a new disposition code when it is not appearing in the pulldown.

Use drag and drop to change the order of the disposition code.

drag and drop disposition code in block in CallMonkey

Click on the edit icon edit icon in CallMonkey to change the name or settings of a disposition code.

pop up edit disposition code in CallMonkey

Field block

Select a field from the pulldown and add it to the field block.

Select a field adding to field block in CallMonkey

Use drag and drop to change the order of the disposition code.

drag and drop field in field block in CallMonkey

Field settings

Click on the edit icon edit icon in CallMonkey of a field to change settings of a field.

Pop-up edit field settings forms in CallMonkey

Deselect the setting ‘Field can be imported’ if the field is not on the import file but should be filled during the contact attempt.

Select ‘ Field is mandatory when importing’ if the field in every record should be filled when a file is imported.

Pop-up field settings import settings in CallMonkey

Some fields should be imported but not shown on the contactpage. Deselect ‘Field is shown on the contact page’. In some cases it should be shown but it should not be editable. Select ‘Field can be edited’.

Pop-up edit field settings mandatory forms in CallMonkey

Fields can also be mandatory when an user clicks on a disposition code. At least the fields Gender and Last name should be mandatory before sending an email.

The same applies for addresses that are converted to Leads (appointments). The fields like Last name, email, Street, City  and phone number should be mandatory in most cases.

Pop-up field settings mandatory on click disposition code forms in CallMonkey

Regular expressions can be used to prevent mistakes by users. An example is the field ‘Age’ with the regulair expression (0-9){2}. User are allowed to fill in numbers between 0 and 9 and the field should contain 2 numbers.

Pop-up field validation forms in CallMonkey

The triangle exclamation mark icon warning icon small n CallMonkey appears in the field when users filled in a invalid value. The error message appears when users click on the red information icon Red information icon in CallMonkey.

Pop up field settings error message in CallMonkey

Interactive form (Survey)

By adding multiple section you can create an interactive form. When an user clicks on a redirect button he is redirected from one section to another.

Click on the link Link add new section forms in CallMonkey . to add one or more sections.

New sections without redirect buttons on form in CallMonkey

Click on the green plus icon Icoon dynamische enquete CallMonkey and link the current section to another section.

Fill in the name of the button as it appears for users on the contact page and select the redirect section.

Pop-up link section to other section in CallMonkey

The three sections are now linked by the two redirect buttons.

New sections on form in CallMonkey


  • Create a campaign and attach the form to the campaign

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