This article explains how to create predefined email templates. 

Create new email in CallMonkey

User can send e-mail from the contact page when an email is attached to a disposition code.

Email on contact page in CallMonkey

What you should know

  • Personalize emails by using field id’s. Field id’s will be merged with the contents of the field.
  • Always test the emails to ensure fields are beging merged correctly
  • Use an external tool like Litmus to see previews of your email in 40+ email clients
  • Receive a copy of all emails being sent.  Add a email address in the BCC field.

Create an email

Click on the green icon Icoon toevoegen in CallMonkey to create a new email.

Create a new email in CallMonkey

Select an email type

Select an email type in CallMonkey

Email name & Sender

‘Email name’ is used for internal use. It will not appear anywhere when the email is send.

Fill in your senders name in the field ‘Sender name’. Use the users name, company name or both as in the screenshot below.

Email name and email sender in CallMonkey

Use field id’s to merge the contents of the field The field {{Agent.UserName}} is merged in the screenshot below with the name of the user .

Email in Google mail form CallMonkey

Email addresses

Select an system email address from the pulldown or add your own email address.

The {{Agent.AgentEmail}} will be automatically filled with the email address from the users that sends the email.

Email template email addresses in CallMonkey

Use the BCC email address to receive a copy of all emails.

Email text

Fill in the Subject and and the contents of the email. Use ‘Select a table’ and ‘Select a field’ to insert the field id’s.

Add field id’s manually into the subject field if you want to personalize the email.

Email template subject and email text in CallMonkey

Never copy text from an external source (for example Word) into the Email text.

Use a tool like Litmus to create you email and test it among the most used email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail).

Use ‘Source Edit’ if you want code add you own code.

Email templates add html source in CallMonkey

Merge fields

Use ‘Select a table’ and ‘Select a field’ to add field id’s to the ‘Email text’.

  1. Go with the cursor to the position where you want to add an id.
  2. Select a table from the pulldown ‘Select a table’.
  3. Select the field form the pulldown ‘Select a field’.

The field id will be added on the position of the cursor.

Email template select a field in CallMonkey

Always test your emails. Use a tool like Litmus.

Add a picture

Never copy a picture from an external application into the ‘Email text’. The pictures will be blocked by email clients.

Click on the menu icon Icoontje uitvouwen CallMonkey and select ‘Insert Image.

Email template insert image in CallMonkey

Add an attachment

Click on the green plus icon  Icoon rond in CallMonkey to add an attachment.

Email template add attachement in CallMonkey

The attachment will appear in grey. Click on the delete icon Delete icon x in CallMonkey to delete the attachment.

Email template attachement added in CallMonkey

Attached disposition codes

The bottom of the page shows if the email is attached to one or more disposition codes.

Email template and attached disposition codes in CallMonkey

Next steps

  • Use Litmus to test the email among the most used email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail).

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